About Us

San Rafael River Adventure

SRRA resort and events place lets you escape from a busy city and experience the perfect blend of recreation and relaxation.

SRRA offers a great venue for your unforgettable moments, in an unexpected paradise within your reach which is just an hour drive from Balintawak exit.

Experience simple luxury at its best. You can now enjoy the glass cottage in San Rafael River Adventure. You don't have to travel abroad and have the experience of staying in a very simple luxurios accomodation. Glass cottage is one of the first and one of a kind to experience only in San Rafael Rive Adventure.

Here at San Rafael River Adventure you can experience and try water adventures like: Boating, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Banana Boating, Wake Boarding and Fishing while aboard the Kuboraft. You can enjoy your stay by trying water adventures that could surely make your visit a very memorable and exciting. We offer all of these in just one place no need to visit different resorts just to experience each water adventures.

San Rafael River Adventure amenities:

  • Air Conditioned Rooms
  • Infinity Pool
  • Child Friendly
  • Wildlife
  • Parking
  • River Cruise
  • Ihaw-Ihaw Buffet

One of the best experience in San Rafael River Adventure is our river cruise aboard the floating restaurant that can only be experienced in Bohol, Cebu and other places far from Manila. We served native dishes while you are enjoying the river cruise adventure. We also have a videoke aboard that you can try and fearlessly sing any song. You can be star aboard the raft. Or simply just sit, relax and appreciate the beauty of nature surrounding you.

We also offer Glamorous Camping - Glamping. Enjoy glamping with bonfire beside the river. You will definitely enjoy the scenery during the night and the sound made by the insects will surely be a music to your ear. Peacefulness and serenity will definitely be an experience when you try Glamping in San Rafael River Adventure.

San Rafael River Adventure is also one of the best place for important events. You can have your Romantic weddings, memorable birthdays, baptismal, team building, reunions and other events that should be celebrated with a good venue just like what San Rafael River Adventure could offer. It can be a small, quite, formal and big get together gathering with families and friends, we have the perfect place for these special events without the hefty price tag.

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